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Design and construction features
  1. 입형 타입으로 설치면적이 적고 설치가 용이
  2. 회전차의 특수설계로 고형물이 막히지 않고 양수
  3. 파이프 길이가 길 경우에는 샤프트 중간에 메탈을 설치하여 진동이 없음
  4. 주축은 연마 봉을 사용하여 축의 정밀 바란스를 유지하므로 정숙 운전을 할 수 있음
  5. 하부의 메탈베어링은 인.청동을 사용하여 펌프의 수명을 배가
  6. Easy installation as vertical type and required small area for set-up
  7. Pump with the special design of impeller can be pumping the solid without flow stopping
  8. There are no vibration due to installing metal in the middle part of shaft
  9. It is possible to operate smoothly because it is to maintenance precise balance of shaft
  10. Operation time of pump was increased because the material of metal bearing was used bronze
Use and applications
    • 화학공업용, 석유정제공업용, 석유화학공업용, 식품공업용, 환경산업용, 기타산업용
    • Sump drainage, Flood Control, Air Wash system, Power plants, Industrial processes, Condensation control, Pollution control, Dewatering service, Process plants, Utility service etc
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